From January onwards, all public buildings over 1,500m2 will have to be constructed as, or lower their energy ratings to comply with the new ‘nearly zero’ energy standards. An energy expert advises that smaller housing and private housing will ensure this standard is kept to and that it is already possible;

“We have all the technology to construct these houses today, so a large part, and the better part, of the house is already built. Therefore there is nothing to worry about”

Michal Cejka- Energy Expert at Alliance Chances

Buildings under the banner of ‘nearly zero’ energy are defined by the thermal insulation properties of the building and how much energy is emitted from it. More emphasis is placed on the efficiency when using resources and always into researching renewable options. All new housing will have to comply by this rule by 2020.

Read on for more information on how much energy the typical house uses..

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