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Our Real Estate Services…

Above and Beyond Expectations

  • No Direct Cost To You*

  • Always Working For You

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

After the discussion of your criteria, we identify properties that meet your specifications and provide a basic analysis of each topic that was discussed.

Sales and Rental Services

  • Sales Fees From 2%

  • Beautiful Presentation

  • Efficient Service

Adam Strejcovsky

International Sales Manager

+420 739 291 797

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Our Financial Services…

Expertise Guaranteed


Czech Mortgages

Borrow Up to 90% of residency is acquired in the Czech Republic

Efficiency Over 300 satisfied clients, 99.5% success rate

Certified Guaranteed loan and insurance officer

Complex Cases – We are all about solving solutions, so if you have a complicated situation talk to us


What We Are About

Whether you are buying a property to rent out or to own personally, ISG Invest can help you with acquiring the best possible mortgage rate. Our sister company, ISG Finance has been brokering mortgages for over 5 years with an incredible track record. Furthermore, if you are Czech, foreign, or a company we can help find what you are looking for. Whatever your situation, we ensure the process is simple and hassle-free for our clients.

Robin Petrasek

Mortgage Expert
+420 777 877 849

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Our Renovation Services…

Innovative, Cutting-Edge, State-Of-The-Art


What We Provide:

Interested in remodeling your property? Looking to renovate a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom? The search and hassle are now over!

With the introduction of our design and construction team back in 2014, we have been able to incorporate a new aspect into our portfolio. Through our experience gained in renovations, we are able to ensure our clients receive a transparent and high-quality service. 

Tom Little

Architectural Designer and Project Manager

+420 774 026 448

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Our Administrative Services…


What We Do:

  • Long-term rental management
  • Airbnb management
  • Tax returns
  • Tax advisory

How We Do It:

ISG provides a very competitive and efficient property management service. Whether you have long or short-term tenancies (including Airbnb), single or multi-occupancy properties, we can provide our services. Our company roots are in property management and our knowledge is second-to-none. We keep our clients readily informed of issues, collect rent accordingly, and all for a low price.

We also provide assistance in all manners of administrative positions. If you need assistance with government offices, taxes filed, advice in the general field of tax or business administration, we can help.

  • Property Management Fee:
  • Airbnb Management Fee:
  • Rental Commission:
  • Personal Tax Returns:
  • 5% of rent (min 1.000CZK)
  • 15% of rent (including DPH)
  • 50% of the first month rent
  • Starting from 1.500CZK

Dominika Urbanová

Property Manager

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Martin Bláha

Accountancy Manager

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